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Girls Guns

The popular military themed slot video game Girls with Guns: Jungle Heat which released last year in March 2013 had six femme fatales armed with lethal weapons and ammunition who braved the wild rainforest and the jungles to bring down the ring of the evil drug lord Hector. With the second edition of the game, all the girl action has shifted from the depths of the jungle to the frosty and the icy Arctic. Frozen Dawn has the six feisty heroines Jess, Zoe, Alex, Kira, Maria and Katherine track down the temptingly evil villainess Saskia in order to thwart her evil plan of taking over the world.

The game is not only loaded with eye-popping 720p graphics and a complete dedicated rock n’ roll background music but also features extensive rewards for its players. Boasting of 243 ways to win, the game allows players to test their marksmanship skills with the Shootout bonuses that are given out even on non-winning shots, enabling them to earn cash amounts. The frosty game also has 12 free spins and features two brand new free spin features called Frozen Wilds and Magnetic Wilds, as well as the Expanding Wild feature that pops up randomly whenever the spin lands on the center reel. The game allows players to earn up to more than 2 million coins, indicating that the more the risk, the better the reward.

Furthermore, the biggest pull of the game is that it looks to appeal to both the male and the female audiences – military combat-style alluring to the men and the strong female characters appealing to the women. So indulge in some good ol’ fashioned action and join the six protagonists in the second edition of the hugely popular game that has adventure, adrenaline and ammunition.

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