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One of the latest additions to the already exciting slot lineup is RoboJack. Considering the theme that RoboJack follows, it should leave science fiction buffs who also love great slots salivating in anticipation. What is it that sets Robo Jack apart from some of the other slots on the market?

The theme
One of the first things that sets Robo Jack apart from those countless other games is the fact that it has a very cute theme. The main character itself is very well designed. It is really going to draw in first-time players right from the start. The gorgeous detailed graphics along with the neat use of color really gives the game a funky vibe.

This is what most people care about. After all, I would play on a bare-bones machine if it gave me the best chance of winning. Fortunately, Robo Jack is anything but basic. You have 243 different ways to win and the jackpot is a whopping 90,000! This means that it is always worth betting the maximum because a 90,000 turnout is just something that you could not (and should not) say no to.

Free spins
The game has a unique Free Spins feature as well. You choose one of the five available robots when you go for your free spins. You can increase the odds of winning with each of these robots because they all have their own special features. Add in the fact that you can get upwards of 60 free spins (that is no mistake, 60!) and you will have yourself a blast when playing Robo Jack.

A new experience coming soon
With a great jackpot system, with some amazing free spins and colorful designs, there is no doubt that people are going to be excited about Robo Jack when it is released. It is time to choose your favorite robot and see for yourself what Robo Jack has to offer players.

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