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Microgaming’s latest online release Red Hot Devil is a sinisterly sweet slot game indulging in playful sin. With red hot pitchforks, flaming decks of cards, scorpions with fire on their tails, lunging blood red snakes and even roses aflame, the 25 line 5 x 3 reel setup is a riot for slot gamers young and old.

Free Spins secretly fulfills our simple desires- and the Red Hot Multiplier with its potential for a 10 time multiplier payout is what seduction is all about. To further entice, a She-Devil dolled up in leather and a corset will tempt us even more towards the dark side (or in this case, the red hot side) with a generous offer of up to ten orbs. Find a heart within one of the magical orbs and it delivers you not only a really cool prize, but also one more pick. Find a special kind of heart within one of the orbs and it will make you really sweat even more- because it applies another bonus- a multiplier that will increase Wheel of Fire wins. Just make sure that you avoid getting a Jester, because that means bye-bye to the all-inclusive bonus game.

The reels are Satan chic- they tease, they exhilarate, they entice, they downright get your blood pumping, especially when you discover the potential of wins up to a whopping 105, 000.00! With that kind of cash to play with, it’s hard to deny that being sinful could be so satisfying!

With Red Hot Reels, a Wheel of Fire bonus and the usual suspects Scatters and Wilds, there’s a lot to be roused by. Not only will the graphics get you wound up, but the rock music background will only keep you tapping your toes, and if you take after our sex siren She-Devil, they’d be hidden in thigh-high boots.

The modern, sleek interface is on par with Microgaming’s amazing online slot games. It keeps the mix of cartoonish color with classic appeal- and it’s always a lot of fun. The game is sure to be a favorite with all gamers alike- as long as they don’t mind getting a little hot and bothered!

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